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The furthest off place in the island (13 km distant from the town of Rab) has kept in its way of life and in its speech the firmest links with the past. Lopar is very variegated and picturesque. Alongside its rich and fertile valley, it has the long sandy Paradise beach. The sand, warm shallow water, and thick woods that offer shade and cool are especially attractive to those who come with small children

All of these facilities are available to guests accommodated in attractive modern private houses intended for renting. Links with other places on the island are good, and apart from that, there is a summer ferry link with the island of Krk and the city of Senj on the mainland

The fertile valley houses Supetarska Draga as well as Mundanije. Gornja and Donja (Upper and Lower) Draga have spread round the Draga Bay. The people of the Dragas have also combined modern and traditional ways of living, and this is easily sensed in tourist industry. There are guests who come back to the same hosts year after year, while new arrivals are quick to become attached to the place and the people.
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Nach Mundanije, in einem ebenso fruchtbaren Tal befindet sich Supetarska Draga. Die Drager Bucht wird von der Oberen und unteren Draga (dt. Bucht) umarmt. Hier mischt sich modernes mit dem traditionellen in der Lebensart und das spürt man in dem touristischen Angebot.
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Banjol is situated on a half way between the city of Rab and Barbat. Banjol is divided in two parts with a main road that passes trought it. The upper part is spread on the hills above the main road while the lower part  is situated under the main road in the bays known with the names of Padova.
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The island of Rab is part of arhipelago which is locate in the Kvarner Bay of Adriatic Sea in the northern part of Croatia. Beside the little town with the same name as the Island there are seven other idyllic places which are situated in different corners of the island: Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar.
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One of the villages to have best preserved the appearance of an old fishing village, nestling in the abundance of the Dundo Forest nature reserve on the Kalifront peninsula, an oasis for hikers and bikers, with its variety of stone and sandy beaches, eco-friendly farm products and good restaurants. All this is Kampor – a charming play of old and new, just what the modern man is looking for

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